ATT Uverse Deals and Coupon Codes

For those seeking a nicely bundled home entertainment and communication system, AT&T’s U-Verse is one of the best. Imagine, one bill for all those services. Luckily, there are ways to get this service with a few savings and offers to save money.

Save some of Your Green

ATT Uverse coupon codes and promotional codes can save a user quite a deal of money. Luckily, the procedures are pretty simple. For new users, you can merely browse the AT&T website. There will be several promotional offers to choose from. Simply select the offer that but suits you.

For existing users, getting a break on your bill is a bit more difficult. You will need to find a coupon or offer code that interests you. Many times, AT&T will allow you to apply a discount offer for phone, internet or cable to your U-Verse bill. You will have to read the details of the offer to discover if each one will work.

U-Verse also offers its users discount movie codes. These are special offers that you can use to watch movies for free or for less money. These codes are easily found for AT&T.

  • To apply your code, go into your account.
  • Search for the section of your account for entering discounts and promotional offers.
  • Enter your code into the prompt box.
  • Click enter.

Congratulations, you have just saved some of your green!

About AT&T U-Verse

U-Verse is a bundling service first and foremost. It allows the user to save money by offering all three of the services most ordered from a telecommunications company, cable, internet and home phone service. By offering all products as one, they hope to simplify their customers’ lives by consolidating the bills into one bill. This service is also designed to save the customer money by offering a bundled discount.

U-Verse also allows the customer to pic and choose from its options. Many do. As of 2012, U-Verse TV had 4.3 million customers, U-Verse Voice had 2.7 customers and 7.1 U-Verse high speed internet users. Most of these users are bundled users, often having TV and high speed internet together.

U-verse is a high speed service. Most of the network is run over fiber optic cable. AT&T is working on expanding the entirety of the network unto this superior carrier and away from traditional copper cables. For example, in Austin the fiber optic network offers customers the blindingly fast speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

U-Verse works much like traditional cable or internet service with a few twists. It uses a fiber to the node network. This means that in each neighborhood that the main cable runs to connection boxes in each smaller branch. Then, that box is connected directly to each home user’s network interface device. This is basically the same layout that a copper cable service uses but with much better equipment.

To be able to use the service the user must have a device to run it on. U-Verse TV is delivered by IPTV from the headend (the network interface device) to the TV receiver. This device uses digital MPEG-4 AVC encoding. Older cables use the lower quality MPEG-2 codec or the analog broadcast from last century. The receiver is capable of handling 4 steams at once. It can handle video on demand, central time shifting and start-over programming.

TV Service

The TV service is comparable to cable. AT&T offers a number of bundles that are cumulative. The basic package is U-family while the deluxe HD-TV bundle is the highest, the U450. Special channels are available a la carte bundle. These include bundles like sports channels (ESPN FULL COURT and ESPN Game Plan and others), Espanol (programming from Latin countries), and Adult programming. Premium movie channels are also available.


Internet is accessed via WiFi or ethernet cabling attached to the residential gateway. There is a choice of speeds. Pro, the lowest tier, has speeds of 3 Mbits a second. Power, the highest speed outside of Austin, is a nice 45 Mbits a second. GigaPower, only currently in Austin, is a lightning fast 300 Mbits a second.


Voice is the final service offered in U-Verse. It is a digital voice service that is run through AT&T’s internet network. It offers built in voice mail service. There is also combined functionality. Voice and TV users can display call information and even make phone calls through a television interface.

Boost Mobile Coupons and Promo Codes

Boost Mobile helps customers save money by using coupons and promotional codes when they shop at Boost Mobile. Shop for your favorite iPhone, download apps, visit the Boost Mobile market for accessories, get instant savings on unlimited monthly calling plans, and learn about the “shrink your monthly payment” plan. You can check out savings on international calling plans and select from a list of “favorite features” when shopping at Boost Mobile.

Here’s a step by step guide to use Boost Mobile coupons and promo codes:

  • Go to
  • Go shopping, then click on “redeem coupon”
  • Click on “add to cart”
  • Your savings will automatically be applied to the total of your purchase at the check out counter

Shopping at Boost Mobile is Fun!

When shopping for an iPhone at Boost Mobile, you can select your favorite features like that special keyboard you’ve always wanted, a front facing camera, a GPS navigational system, a touch screen, texting capabilities, wifi or a speaker phone. Add additional favorites like a flip phone, bar or sliding touch screen. Select the iPhone phone that that you are interested in, then check on the variety of monthly (or daily) plans that Boost Mobile offers to their customers.

Boost Mobile has both new and pre-owned mobile phones available. Pre-owned phones are certified so they’re safe to use, and they have the same features that new phones have, with one exception that is- they’re cheaper than new phones. With a wide selection of pre-owned iPhones available, you can choose from the features you like and even select the monthly calling plan that you prefer.

Types of Mobile Phones Available at Boost Mobile

Check out Boost Mobile’s wide selection of mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2, Apple iPhone 5C or the Apple iPhone 5S, 2G Optimus F7, Boost Warp 4G, Samsung Galaxy Transform Ultra, LG Venice and the Kyrocera Hydro and more! You can check out the details about the phone you’re interested in by clicking on “learn more,” and read customer reviews and ratings by clicking on the “what people are saying” button at the check out counter. If you have any questions, go to “support” in the top right corner of your screen and customer support agent will be happy to help.

Save Money on Your Monthly Payments

Lower your monthly payments by paying them on time. If you pay your payments on time, you can take advantage of Boost Mobile’s “shrink payments” deal. Pay payments on time for 6 months and get $5.00 taken off your monthly bill. The longer you continue to pay your payments on time, the more you save. Visit to see the chart that tells you how much money you can save with the shrink payments plan.

No Yearly Contract, Unlimited Monthly Payment Plans

If you would rather not sign a yearly contract, Boost Mobile has great deals for you. Check out the savings you can get on unlimited monthly payment plans. For those who make calls internationally, international calling plans in 45 different countries are available with or without unlimited talk, texting, voice mail, call waiting or call forwarding. Check out International Connect, International Connect Plus and International Standard plans that are available when you visit Boost.Com.

Visit the Boost Mobile Market

Customers enjoy shopping at the Boost Mobile Market for accessories for their mobile phones. Shop for accessories like games, music, head sets, ring tones and download apps at the Boost Mobile Market. Enter any coupon codes and promo codes you have by copying and pasting them in the appropriate area when you reach the check out counter, or Boost Mobile can automatically enter them for you.

For a great savings on iPhones and accessories, Boost Mobile makes it easy for customers to save money with coupon and promo codes. They are automatically applied to the total of your purchase when you reach the checkout counter. Save money when purchasing an iPhone, accessories and monthly calling plans. Get Boost Mobile newsletters via your email to learn about the latest savings. You can print out coupons or copy and paste coupon codes to save money when shopping at

Straight Talk Coupons and Promo Codes

There are many different merchants in the market who give out discounts for their customers, as well as enticements to attract new clients to the services that are provided by the different retail and telecommunication merchants. One of which, is Straight Talk.

Straight Talk is a phone service provider for those who are looking for a way to communicate on the go. Offering both cell phones as well as various communication plans to use, Straight Talk has a lot to offer those who are looking for reliable ways to communicate as well as cheap plans that are friendly to a budget that may not have a lot of flexibility.

Deciding Talk Plans

There are many different plans available for those who are looking to Straight Talk for their communicational needs. As with most prepaid systems, Straight Talk offers the ability to pay-as-you-go, which is to say that you pay every month a set amount for a certain number of minutes and texting capabilities. There are plans with for as little as fifteen USD a month, which is great for parents who want to ensure their teenagers have a respect for money and a sense of responsibility when it comes to their communications with their friends.

Then there is the next level, which offers unlimited texting, but is limited in the amount of minutes you can use for talking. This is great for those who don’t spend a lot of time talking with others, but do spend a lot of time texting or checking emails, as the data plan use is also upgraded.

The following tiers of data plans also increase in the amount of texting, talking, and data usage you can use. However, you will still get the same coverage no matter what plan you decide. The best way to find out which one would be best for you and your budget and your needs.

Steps to Redeeming Recharge Cards

Recharge cards are cards that you purchase should you decide to pay month-by-month for your service with Straight Talk. The steps, while easy for some, can be complicated by an inability to understand the instructions on the back of the card because of the complicated way they can be printed.

  • Scratch off the metal-like back for the special code associated with each card
  • Call the number for Straight Talk’s automated system
  • Enter in the information requested
  • Confirm any information requested

It’s that simple. Within a few minutes the money you used to purchase additional time will be added to your phone for immediate use. However, there are other ways to add money and time to your phone.

Another way to add money is to connect your service to your credit card and have the selected money amount from your bank account each month. To do this, first you have to select the phone plan you wish to use for your phone. Next, enter in your credit card information, this can be done over the phone or online, and either at the time you set up service or later in time. After setting up the capabilities for paying a monthly bill via credit card, the only thing you have to remember to do is make sure the money for your phone bill is available for withdrawal each month.

Straight Talk also offers their customers the ability to use their phone service with a phone that they already have or to purchase a new phone from Straight Talk. The phones offered with Straight Talk are usually quality phones, and each one has a guarantee on them for free replacement should something happen to the phone that causes it not to work.

This free replacement service is only offered with Straight Talk phones, and is great in case you drop your phone and damage it, or the microphone or speaker goes out and prevents you from being heard or from hearing the person you are trying to communicate with. The ability to exchange your phone is as easy as adding money, and the time you loose waiting for the replacement phone is added to your new phone so that you don’t loose money or time.

Verizon FIOS Deals and Promotion Codes

The word coupons always invokes a positive reaction in the consumer. There is of course excellent reason for this because they enable us to buy something that we like and pay less money for it than we would otherwise. Coupons that can be cut out and used at any store that sells the items appear in newspapers; others are issued by particular stores to customers who regularly do their shopping there and are not good anywhere else. This article will be specifically about Verizon FiOS coupons: where to find them and how to use them.

New Verizon FIOS Deals



Go to their website

First go to the website of Verizon FiOS. You will then see a place where it says “See FiOS” offers and follow the instructions there, which we have outlined for you in advance:

  1. Select the service on which you wish to save: TV, Internet or phone.
  2. Choose whether you want a two-year contract or no contract at all.

You will then see all the current offers from Verizon FiOS arranged from left to right in order of cost. With Internet options the connection speed will be given in megabytes per second. You can also check the availability of the service in which you are interested and get additional information, which (in the case of Internet services) will be something like this:

  • 100 percent fiber optics straight to your home
  • so many email accounts
  • 24/7 live product support
  • Wi-Fi hotspot access (available in designated locations only)

Here is what they typically offer with TV services:

  • so many channels with so many in HD
  • popular channels like A&E, Fox News, TNT, History Channel and MTV
  • sports programming from ESPN and your local Regional Sports Network(s)
  • so many on-demand titles available for multi-screen viewing (tablet, smartphone, or laptop)

Here is what they typically offer with phone services:

  • unlimited local, regional & nationwide long distance calling
  • includes caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling and home voice mail (where available)
  • 99.9% Verizon phone network reliability

To check for the availability of a given package in your location, fill in your street address and your ZIP code. If it is not available there you will get a message that tells you so.

Finding other kinds of coupons

There are Verizon FiOS promotion codes and coupons for products of all kinds and not just on their own services. To get such coupons, go to the 411 section of their website. Pick the type of service for which you want coupons (choices include ATM, automotive, Chinese restaurants, bakery, bar and grill, fitness, fast food, steakhouses, taxis and movie theaters). Then fill in your ZIP code. You will immediately get a list of coupons for that service in or near your community, which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and SMS. To use the coupon, click on “Get Offer” and the coupon will open in a new tab. A full image thereof will appear along with the address of the places where it can be redeemed and the expiration date. Click on “Claim Coupon” and you will see an image of the coupon, which you then print up. You can also have the coupon sent to your email address.

What is Verizon FiOS?

FiOS is one the newest, fastest and most reliable ways of connecting to the Internet. Using fiber optics technology, it can connect at 500 megabytes per second and bandwidth is virtually unlimited. Fiber optics has been shown to be much faster than cable. You can do a wide variety of things with your FiOS connection, including:

  • downloading HD movies. All you have to do is click on the movie that you want and you will be watching it in minutes!
  • sharing photographs that you took on your last vacation
  • streaming on more than one device. This way everyone in the household can be chatting at the same time!
  • playing games online